Ppm and water level

What does it mean when my ppm and water level stay about the same from day to day?

What does your plant look like? What seeds are you using? What stage of growth are you in?
What is your grow environment? ph, mutes, lights, air circulation, temp, photoperiod??

Your plant is not up taking anything(water, mutes) up. P

This is a zkittles photoperiod in a 2x2x4. I been using a technaflora all in one nutes kit. Its under a maxsisun sb1000. Shes about 5 weeks old. I try to keep ph at 5.7 and ppm between 800 and 900. I have clipped off a few yellow leaves in the past because i wasnt sure what they were or what was causing it. I put a lst clip on a few days ago to help the lower leaves get light.

I also have a clip fan running most the time. Temperature stays about 77 and the rh stays between 40 and 55%.
This is a side view.

That is in the Window of where you want your grow to be. Check your root system and see if they are in the water. I had a Runtz that the root didn’t make it to the bucket and was still I the net pot after the others were down in the water and sucking up mutes and water. I had to hand water it for a week or so until the roots made it to the bucket.
Also I got some GH Rapid Start and GH Subculture M to enhance the root zone.
I used this schedule from GH… Subculture M after week 5.

Cool thanks for the info…I do have a good bit of roots but they are twisted and brownish. I been treating it with h2o2 and it does bubble up a bit so i have some sort of root rot. I got some hydrogaurd hygrozyme and great white mycorrhizae and im going to triple threat it next water change.