PPM and PH issue

Hey guys I am having a huge issue I think and I know I messed up with the soil I used but I am a beginner and I didn’t fully know what I do now with the dirt and nutes. I have been growing my baby girls since they were giving to me if you happen to have seen my other posts you can see what they looked like from when they were giving to me to now… Anyway I let all water sit for 24 hours then I adjust my tap water to as close to 6.5 as I can before I use it and then I test tge ppm and it is at 178. I just check the run off last night and the numbers are way off. My PH was in the mid 4 range and the PPM was in the 7000 some way and its freaking me out. I ran water water through the soil last night but I’m not sure what to do really. I watered til I had run off steady last night now I’m waiting to hear information about it before I full on flushed the dirt because I do not know how to do that. My girls look good to me though even with the runoff so out in left field. I need to get straight dirt and better nutrition next time but I had listened to the guy i got the plants from before I found the forum with all of you guys in it. Now I know what he told me was not very good. Please help!!

Plants look fine. I would check the calibration of your meters.


Ok I just got the testers a week or two ago and calibrated then how the instructions said. I got Vivosun testers. I’ll check the testers when I get off from work. It is just the PPM being in the 7000 to 8000 scared me. I was about to switch them to the 12 hour flowering light cycle. And I was just testing to check if everything was good and ready and now I am a little scared to switch them to flowering.

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Are you sure that’s not 700-800 on the PPMs? Do you have a way to read EC?

I would also suggest elevating your pots off the floor and a saucer of somewhat under them. FYI, fabric pots are the way to go :love_you_gesture:

They have a saucer under them it is just one of the ones that make it look like it is one whole piece where you water from the bottom but I water from the top. I didn’t snap them in so I could remove the pot easier to check everything. When I test my tap water my tester reads 0178 on the screen but when I tested the run off it was at 7800 to 8100. Then I had it read 1010 with a x10 on top so I don’t know. And I don’t know if I can test EC. Please explain. And yes I am going to do fabric pots once I can. I wish I had knew this forum before I got these plants given to me and had to rush to set up everything. Also I have Vivosun testers. If that makes a difference.

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Right on Shaggy, I’m. It familiar with that tester. I think your tap is most like 178 PPMs and your run off is 780-810 PPMs. I use the 500 scale for measurements. If your tester only reads PPMs and not EC, you take your PPM number x 2. So 780 PPMs would be in the range of 1.5-1.6. And judging from your pics of the plant, those numbers seem in line with what they should be. Did you re-check the PH? We need it around 6.5 for soil medium :love_you_gesture:

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I’d like to know what soil you are in based on this:

If this is Miracle Grow then low PH and high TDS is expected. One of the problems with M.G. soil is it has pockets of high salt concentration that crashes the PH and raises the TDS into the 5 to 10,000 ppm range and there’s NOTHING you can do about it: every time you flush you release a fresh amount of salts into the medium.

If this is the case you have two choices: ride it out or transplant into appropriate soil.

FWIW: my first grow was in M.G. along with a bunch or other growers. Don’t feel dumb because it’s confusing to know when starting what is correct for cannabis.

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Guilty too :love_you_gesture:

@Myfriendis410 @OGIncognito The ph was running off at 4.5 ph but I now have to buy a new tester I broke my tester last night because I got mad at it. It kept not reading right. I got mad at it. I just went ahead and flushed the plants and transplanted them into soil that is 50% soil 25% sand and 25% manure mix. I had it in MG soil. The PPM is is now around 500 as of right now so I am going to water a few times because one is still testing high. I am hoping everything is OK and that everything is ok.

Thanks to everyone I am on day 3 of the start to flowering and look at the girls now.


As of this morning the girls are looking good also I did a thing and bought a light that should be here tomorrow

My new lights came in this morning and are hooked up and shining bright. The two girls just got their scheduled feeding today with fox farm trio and also I got my new ph tester so I now can make sure everything is perfect from this point on. Also I just soaked 5 seeds yesterday and have them in a damp towel to pop them and see how well they do. Seeds are unknown bag seeds just for a fun test run and some different ways to grow and LST and other things. :hugs::hugs:

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Nice, stand back and watch the difference in the growth. What’s your ht on those and are they dimmable? :love_you_gesture:

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Saw they’re dimmable, they love the light in preflower and budding.

Yeah they are nice and bright is an understatement with them :rofl::rofl: I didn’t realize how bright they were til I went to plug them up and it blasted me with the light of a sun lmao :sweat_smile:. I’m new to this so hope I don’t understand qhat you mean by ht.

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Height above the plant top, preflower I would be at 24” and would try 75-80% of light intensity, back of the intensity if you start seeing signs of heat stress like leave clawing :love_you_gesture:

18” is my preference :love_you_gesture:

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Oh ok. I have it set at roughly around 30" right now and it’s set to full but I am going to work more on them after work today. I am going to check if they need to be dropped and lower power.

don’t panic your in good hands just listen to the guys itll all make sense in a couple of days.

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