Ppm and ec , ph control


A question from a fellow grower:

When mixing nutrients for my tomatoe plants how do you get the proper ppm and the proper ec at the same time.
Should I start with getting the ppm right first and then adjusting with straight water to get into the right ec range-
After that adjust ph?


PPM and EC are the same thing, they are a measurement of the nutrient mix’s concentration, in either electrical conductivity (EC) or in parts per million (PPM). And so I’m not sure what you are asking.

Yes, usually after mixing your nutrients to the correct concentration, then you would test the pH and adjust if necessary.

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I would start with ppm first , than ph in my opinion , I could be wrong , but I’m learning the same methods and its ah little challenging trying to add water to lower and nutrients to raise . You want to do small amounts so you don’t waste good nutrients like ILGM black gold nutrients , you want to feed the plants and if say your ppm is to high and you have to add water to lower , you don’t want to pour out good nutrients . It’s not good leaving nutrients mixed after 48 hours .