Ppm after flushing?

I read normal water is 1300 ppm but I should keep flushing until I get 50ppm coming out the bottom. Is that possible? I just ran 30gallons mixed with flawless finish in coco, peat, pearlite mix through 6 - 7gal bags. All organic feed. Ended with 435ppm. Should I flush more, or just water normally these next 4 to 10 days? Thanks

Anything over 500ppm isn’t considered healthy for human consumption. Definitely should not be drinking water at 1300. Your PPm our should equal whatever the ppm going in is.

Just water normal. You need to find out what the ppm of the water is before flushing

I got those numbers, 1300ppm for water, from the iLGM site.

Maybe they meant after nutrients. Typical tap water is around 100-400 ppm.

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