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Yes webs no bud rot yet I heard soap and hot water helps is that true


I’ve never had them, so i’m not sure, but @Donaldj has a good solution for them.


I bare only bad news as late in flower spider mites are pretty much a live with it until harvest then wash buds and sanitize space in veg you can battle them but most things which kill mites also add nasty chemicals to your buds which won’t rinse off. Finish flower then fog space with pyretherine or run sulfer burner on a cycle for week then clean everything turf medium bleach pots and start fresh. Spider mites adapt to all poisons and are extremely hard to get rid of any time I have dealt with them they come back to haunt again later. I have dunked plants in insecticidal soap every few days sprayed with bug bombs sprinkled with DE and the little pricks still come back unless everything is cleaned and started again new.
During flower it is only damage control you can hope for


Oh jeez, that is bad news. Thanks, @Donaldj.


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Spider mites are one of the hardest pests to kill off with a 8 day egg to mature life cycle and absolute love of the conditions our plants do a single mature female lays up to 40 eggs a day predator mites Lady bugs are organic match but not able to keep up if they are already well established webbing is them making highways to best food. One of the main reasons I got into hydro and switched to LEC lighting the UV off LEC kills most bugs hydro eliminates soil which harbors pests.
I recently started a PM routine with spinosad during veg which makes plants toxic to most pests and breaks down overtime as well as being organically derived


I think I may be able to contribute something helpful here.
I discovered this company a few years ago, and they are the be-all, end-all of pest control. They have excellent articles about every type of pest you can imagine, and treatments for all of them. Mind you, most of their products are harsh chemicals that professionals use, so not everyone will want to use them. I see that in the case of spider mites though, they do have an organic solution as well.
The company is called bugspray.com, but they deal with all sorts of pests, animal and insect. Here is a link to their article about spider mites. Hopefully the admins are okay with me posting this link. Amazon does not (they have things that are similar but not the level as this pro stuff) carry the same products this company sells.
Anyway, I hope this helps:


I’m trying the soap and hot water day three so far so good im hopping I didn’t have them bad I spray all of them even trimming some leafs


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