Powerdery mildew on marijuana plants


A question from a fellow grower:

regarding powdery mildew
i had powdery mildew and sprayed it… but i’m not sure if it was
totally gone… but
now it’s finished the harvest… and
i was only going to use it for a salve for my knees or pain or
massages… so… is it ok to do THAT…
is it not good to smoke…


You can actually wash it with a mix of r/o or distilled water and 3% hydrogen peroxide from the drug store mixed at about 1/2 to a full tsp. per quart or about 0.5ml per liter. Fill a tub large enough to take freshly cut tops/buds, still green, not cured and you can gently submerge them in the solution. Kinda gently swish them around. You should see all kinds of bubbles as the mildew interacts with the hydrogen peroxide. The mildew will float to the top where it can be skimmed off. Gently shake excess water from the bud and place in a breezy dry area, then once all the water has dried off the surface you can cure the bud as usual. Some will say you are losing a lot of trichomes in the water. I don’t really think you lose that much as the bud is still green, not frozen or dried out. But if you are really worried about it, after carefully skim all debris and mildew from the surface of the water, you can then use the bubble hash method to reclaim your trichomes and have a little bubble hash as well. Once the bud is cured it is safe to smoke as normal or for whatever use you need it for.


This process will allow you to smoke it or to use it for whatever use you may need it for.,


There should not be trichome damage if you follow the “gently” recommendation. I know this, because it is commonly OK to give your plant a shower, and that does not knock off trichomes; So gentle swishing should not effect the trich’s.

Another method you can use, but it can cause a rougher taste if you don’t get it all cleaned off…with a shower.

Mix a tsp. of baking soda in a qt. spray bottle. spray on mildew damaged area. The ph of this solution is so high, that the mildew cannot survive. Not so great to use at harvestm better early on.

Let us know, how it goes. Peace


Yeah, ha ha, I wouldn’t go to all the trouble, never have. But I just mentioned it for the OCD folks (I am kinda one of them a lot of the time, lol) that just can’t throw the water away after the bath. If someone does try it I hope they’ll let us know if it was worth it, but it seems like a whole lot of work for likely very little result. If I ever did have an OCD episode and absolutely had to try it, I wouldn’t use the micron screen bubble bag method at all. I’d use the "let settle and skim the water off the top down to an inch or two above the bottom of the container, then transfer to another smaller clear walled container, let settle again, repeat transferring to smaller container if necessary until a noticeable layer of trichomes is visible, letting settle and siphon off water to just above the layer of trichomes and then pouring it through a coffee filter and then letting dry out. Yup, lots of work, for probably very little, lol.


ALLRIGHTY THAN!!! Would someone please tell me if I should spray all my girls for powdery mildew or just the ones I can see have it. Where I live summers are hot and late afternoons are very windy!!! You people are awesome when I grow up (which I never will) I want to have as much knowledge as Y’all. OH Yeah minus OCD…lmao… Peace!!!