Power Plant Grow~ Newbie 2018


Hello all, it’s good to be here. I’m new on this forum but have grown before, about 25 years ago. That was an indoor grow with salvaged bulbs from street lights that were knocked down on random roadways. A diy closet, some mirrors and a few months later some very phenomenal plants.
2018 will be an outdoor grow as I’m unable to bring this endeavor inside.
Power Plant feminized non- ILGM

  • 5/13 soaked 2 power plant seeds in filtered water
  • 5/14 seeds opened and placed on wet paper towel
  • 5/15 tap root at approx 3/4 " on both seeds

I’m soaking jiffy peat pots now and will plant today.
They will go right outside in a sunny protected location.

This is my concern.I live in Coastal Carolina. It gets hot and humid here. It never occurred to me until I started reading here that this would be an issue. It’s a weed, I’ve got this. Hmm…Now I’m concerned. They will ultimately be planted in fabric grow pots so they can be moved for bad weather, needs shade, etc. In my research I see that PPs are easy to grow and not prone to disease so we have that going for us.
Any insight from fellow growers in the South East would be very much appreciated.
If this query would be better in the Outdoor section I am happy to add a topic to that as well.



Welcome to forum! Not in your area but sure we got folks here to help.


Humidity during flower is going to be your mane concern…
I would also spray your plants while in vegg every 2 weeks with 1 1/2 oz. Of neem oil and 5 drops of dawn dish soap to 1 gallon of good ph’d water to discourage pests … caution ,only spray at night or 2 hours before sun up…:wink:



@FloridaSon is the first that comes to mind. Welcome @Rainey, and good luck!


Thanks so much for the advice @peachfuzz. I am following @FloridaSon. Ithink. 0_o
Babies are tucked into their peat pots and enjoying a bit if sun.


Peachfuzz is another good one to pay attention to.

I don’t have any experience with Power Plant, but as you said, its a weed. There are many fine growers here that can help guide you. I’m pretty sure @BIGE is near to you and is top notch.

@Mrcrabs also has to deal with high temps, though I believe his humidity is lower along with @TDubWilly and many more.

@Budbrother is down here in Florida as well as a few others. @S.FloridaSwampman may be able to help with issues specific to coastal areas as well as @Rick3 , who is also doing his first grow down here on the Gulf Coast.

If you want my attention, please feel free to tag me…welcome home…


@Rainey…there are a few of us here from the Carolinas! Welcome…there a lot of great people on here that can fix any problem…any I have seen anyhow


I’ll have to remember that’s where you are. Lol…when I see your avatar I think Dakotas, even though I knew you weren’t there.


Yep…wish I was there… I love the Carolina’s but it’s not home like the Dakota’s! The grand teton’s are where my heart is at! If you can’t be where you love, love where your at!


Welcome to the forum, I have grow a few sativa dominant strains here in the south and have worked out fine for me. Never tried that strain but it’s a sativa dominant and it traced backed to Africa so it should like the heat. Since your growing in pots bring it in when the humidity is bad during or raining, during flowering and you should be fine.


Thank y’all so much for your insight and your instruction. I’m so excited to grow my girls under your tutelage. I promise to be a good student.
Happy growing,


Hello Rainey, Welcome to the site, and the knowledge that abounds here from so many experts that are very helpful. I have never grown the strain before, but I previously read that it’s sativa. In addition, you formentioned that you can bring them in from bad coastal weather. You are off to a very good start on both decisions. I have STML, yet someone made a great point in reguards to being proactive with bug deterrent & bringing them in at night during the budding time to prevent bud rot in high humidity. If you have any questions, then ask and someone will help. I am ok at growing outdoors, yet there are some growers who make it happen in amazing fashion almost like cultivating on the moon with short seasons,ect. GoodNight, S.FL.SWAPMAN


Welcome aboard. I will be following as I have some of these as well. Hopefully I will get to them come next year. it will be great to see how these do.


Good morning,
I brought Thing#1 and Thing#2 onto our screen porch last night. I didn’t have the heart to leave them outside we have lots of raccoons, possums etc. Their little bonnets are peeking out of the soil now and they are back outside.
I have read that it is a good idea to let a fan blow on them when they have sprouted. I have a ceiling fan on the screen porch and will use that. Would it be a good idea to have the fan on them when they are flowering and I bring them in at night? Not too optimistic am I? :wink:


Welcome @Rainey to the Forum,
I’m New to growing too,Lot’s of Good people here for info
I’ll Tag you in my First Grow


Great! I’m still learning how to use this site i.e. tagging and following. I look forward to sharing our grows.


All you have to do to tag someone is put the @ in front of their name with no space in between. @Rainey


Oh, make sure there is space between the @ and the end of the name. Sometimes not doing so can void the tag.


Thanks @FloridaSon it looks like that worked for me.


We all help in whatever little way we can…