Power outage what to do?

Hey all
So in my country we have power cuts which last 2 hours at a time sometimes it’s once a day but it’s up to 3times sometimes all diff times of day. I will hopefully be getting a generator in the near future .
My question is would it be fine to take my 3 week old plants outside into the natural sun for that 2 hour period or should I just leave them be? Temps go up from 70 to 90 in the room over this period sometimes depends on the time of day . What should I do all


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Sunlight in short random bursts? I would probably avoid putting them in direct raw sunlight when you set them outside.

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Ok great thanks

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I put mine outside every chance I can despite being an indoor grow. Works great!


I think outside sunlight would be fine. Hope they Get the outages fixed soon. Good luck.

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Definitely put them outside during the outages if over a half hour or longer. How bout battery backup I don’t know what you have running but if it’s just some pumps and small lights - CFL, t5 or even many of the LED’s it won’t even draw much more then computer, monitor set up?

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If they’re rolling blackouts on a predictable schedule, and if the plants are in veg, you may be able to get them on a candle lighting schedule. I have no experience with it personally, but I believe it was @monkman I saw running it most recently. It’s 3 sets of 6/2 instead of 18/6, and allows the plants do the same (if not more?), photosynthesis. Stay safe! :v:


I wouldn’t take my indoors plants outside for anything, they’d be covered in pests/thrips/spider mites/fungus gnats, etc… instantly and then bringing them into the house to infest all the grow areas, nope not doing that at all.


Sounds like you are in South Africa with their load shedding.

I am indeed in South Africa .

Well I have 2 x 320w quantum boards and getting another 2 should arrive this week so will eventually have 4 , Plus fan,AC, dehumidifier. Could leave Ac off for the 2 hours

I had never heard of Load Shedding till I lived outside Tzaneen for 3 months last year. If you can afford it, look i to solar panels or a portable generator. That would help if you can afford it. :+1:

Well if that’s the route ya wanna go just have the lights and fan in back up. I don’t know how good it works I’ve only heard it for some hydro guys to keep pumps going. I was merely throwing it out there. I myself (if home a lot) would be bringing them outside if it’s an every day thing like you said. Only until flowering ofcourse (it would get old fast) but yes like hellraiser said you do have to be aware of bugs & MANY guys have that attitude. I did in fact bring thrips in one time I believe but being in top of it got it cleaned up fast. I’ve battled gnats and thrips successfully…

@LoCoRock This is very common in South Africa. You can have no power for 8 hours each day if you are unlucky. Where I was at was run 70% by Solar Panels. So we didn’t lose power as we was on a nice sized hill.

Now they get a lot of sunlight. The other thing that really sucked was the Water rations. Basically Monday through Thursday we had enough but for Friday to Monday rationed. So pretty much you went 3 days each week with no shower. Just plan crazy.

i am too drunk to read all the other stuff,… but if you have a power outage you are just screwed. if your plants are in flower it might be a problem, but if they are in veg i don’t think you have much to worry about, they are weeds for pete’s sake. and yes, i only run my veg at 6/2. not for the heat, but because i did some reading which said that after 5 hour the percentage of photons utilized after then algebraically went down had a lot to do with my 6/2 strategy. you can get away with a lot of stuff in veg, but when they are in flower you have to keep on keeping on lol ( old Dead crap) basically, no big deal for veg, might be some issues with flower.

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@monkman This is a common thing daily in South Africa. The corrupt government officials sell the power to other countries in Africa and pocket the profits. Load shedding there is just insane.

Now if you live in a neighborhood where a government official lives, then you generally don’t have your power shut off daily. You truly need a solar panel system there or a portable generator.


I’ve used this set up before to run my tents in an emergency. Not much money.


Figure out amp hours To calculate how long you can run your stuff and how many watts it draws,stick a battery tender on the battery keep it charged year round. Battery charges tender shuts off. Worked great on my harley :grimacing: