Power outage mother nature no good

Had bad weather lights been off for two hours will it mess up the plant’s cycle

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Dont sweat it much. What stage are they in ?

I had a grow that lost power for almost 24hr , and hydro at that. No air pump or anything and I just went to same schedule when power came on.

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No, just make sure to set your timer back to the correct time after power is restored.


They are coming up on 60 days an they are saying we might not have power til the morning that’s more then 12 hours an humidity is in the 90 right now. So I can go back to my 18/6 when power come back on an they will be ok right

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Your good. Just make sure to set light timer back to what it was before power out as stated above.

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Ok would happen on my first grow mother nature for you she don’t care lol

You will be fine. I went 70 hours with no power and the house was 40 degrees. All she did was some fox tailing.


70 hours I doubt dam lol but I do wish I had them 40s tho I’m at 80 89% humidity just asking for the mold lol

It didn’t change the colors at all.

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Well hopefully I dosen’t throw thing’s off was pretty smooth til the weather knocked the power out just seeing really high numbers the plants never slept in 82 91%humidity

You should be fine. Mine survived much harsher temps and humidity. We lived in our vehicles because it was the only heat source. I was surprised my girl made it.

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So the lights just came back on an lights go off at 12 should I just let them get the two hours of light cause it’s on now or turn it off (been off for about 5 or 6 hours)

Ok lights are on now but they usually go off at 12 should I let them get this two hours of light or turn it off

Personally if you have two hours to go before lights out…I would run the 2 hours.

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Ok it kinda makes since to keep them off. They definitely going to get some good sleep lol

Not just 18/6 but the same time of day also. If it was lights out at 5 before the power loss lights out at 5 after power is restored

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Lights have been coming on at 6am an goes off at 12 but since the power went off at 5 I should turn them on at 11 I think I just confused myself

Me too. Perhaps I should try again. Whatever time the lights normally would go out, so like you said on at 6am then out at 12 pm. If the power is restored at 5 am wait till 6am to turn on your light.

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They are back on there 6/12 cycle. They got a good long rest. Looked before I went to work an seen alot of new growth guess they got a good rest lol