Power outage during veg

Should I worry about a 7 hr power outage during Wk 6 of veg ? Am on an 18/6 cycle and the outage will make 11hrs of light. Am Fimming at the end of this week (end Wk 5). Hope to start flowering by Wk 7. Will there be any problems with the power outage that might flip the girls into premature flowering ?

Nah, you are fine. Just continue on how you were.


It was a ‘cloudy day’ with not as much sunshine, that’s all :slight_smile:

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It might be more of an issue in flower though. If it is a frequent problem (like at my rural place) a small generator might be a decent investment.

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Thank you @Aolelon and @Whodat66 , just got worried getting so close to flipping. Makes sense though. BTW, first grow.


I’m a newbie here and I am having this exact same issue right now. Some jackass rammed thru our telephone pole and somehow kept going. PG&E working on it now but it’s been 8+ hours and I love my girls so I was worried. Thanks for the reassurance

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Happens here many times throughout the winter, as long as your in veg, its normally not a big deal.

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