Power of hydrogen problem?

Besides a ph meter what other tools do I need. If somebody is willing can they give me a grocery shopping list and tools the ladies expect me to have?

PH n PPM meter set…$20 online. At least 5 gallon container, with drainage. Non-fertilized growing media…you need to control the nutes from veg to flower. Good name brand nutes.
some are 2 part liquids, but, there are lots of 3 part combinations as well.
If you are growing with natural light, it’s gonna be a short growing season for you. If you are indoors, need a good source of fake sunlight. You can get by with 600 watt MH n HPS lighting, but, if your growing tent is bigger than 3’x3’ …a 1000 watt would be best. An option would be LED lighting. A grow tent is easily found online, a little shopping around for popular brands will turn up affordable buys like a 4x4x8 tent for $70. A black 6" exhaust fan, 12’ of ducting, and a variable speed control was $40. PH n PPM Meter set are critical to a healthy grow. $20 sets online.
Grow tent or enclosed space is best for growing. As, controlling the components of the healthy grow are basically: Seed, Grow Media, Lights, Nutes and Grow Space. Control the light schedule throw into flower at your choosing. Adjust the feeding nutes and watch the ladies grow flower.
BTW------DO NOT FOLLOW MFG’S FEEDING SCHEDULE !!! :scream::vulcan_salute::exploding_head:
Lost more than a few plants following the mfg’s schedule. They have no idea what you are growing and it’s needs. start at 20% of schedule and adjust as plant needs to be healthy. Learn to read the body posture and leaves of the plant.


This though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: shopping and todo list. Like a starter guide for dummies. Earthworm castings are a must buy as well. Not mandatory but plants LOVE THE STUFF

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Mfg? And thank you for taking the time to break all this down for me!

Mfg- manufacturer

Thank you @NavyVet420

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Download the Grower’s Bible from this website. Lots of info, price is right: FREE


Here the link

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