Power loss 48 hours

I lost power when out of town for I think 48 hours but it could have been 24. I have nine plants 5 weeks into flower, one 3 weeks, 8 just a couple days and clones that were just tpd into forever homes and a cloning machine going. No lights for that time, humidity was 90% for most of that time, no fan circulation, and no watering. I am growing in a living soil and it didn’t dry out at all since there was no using it (thank goodness or I’d have had a flood too!). My clones were limp but they sprung back. My veg plants were yellowing at the top. All my flowers looked ok. Is there anything I need to do different? I just turned everything back on like it never happened. I know my veg plants will need to reveg a little but not sure what happens to the flowers. I’ll look really close for mold now. Thanks for reading!

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That’s your biggest concern, mold. If that checks out ok, just continue on as usual.