Power failures with indoor growing

need some help with a electrical problem I am having. Im building a 4 stage indoor setup. Each stage in my flowering room host 40 plants. In my country electricity goes of quite often. Is there any reason in that i cant use a skylight (translucent roof sheets)for the indoor plants in the flowering room. Keep the veg room under my the solar for the extra 6 hours. It then should be a controlled environment? I can save a lot of electricity and cancel out power failures? Am i missing something?

I answered your other post.

Cannabis tolerates extended dark periods quite well so long as it doesn’t happen on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t suggest using a skylight as cannabis is a high light plant and the minimal light intensity from diffused doesn’t meet the plant’s needs.

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Thaks for your input

That’s what some of the bigger commercial growers are doing. Basically using a greenhouse and supplementing with grow lights.
You can use a UPS to power your lights, fans and other items when you lose power. Some powers usage of those items can be inventoried to calculate just how much power you’ll need for the amount of time you would need to keep your power up during outages.
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