Power cord has 2 black cables. No white

Hey guys. I’m trying to wire up my power cord. I got this one for my hlg480B:

https://www.homedepot.com/p/Smart-Choic … /206740199

There is one green and two black wires. I thought there was supposed to be a white wire somewhere for neutral. Any idea how I can figure out which side to use?

Also I have a multimeter but have no idea how to use it.




The smaller blade on the plug is hot. The larger blade is neutral. One wire should have writing and that is usually the hot wire when both are the same color @Zackgrows

@OldSkunk Sorry for all the confusion but what’s the blade? Here is an image of what I’m working with.
And yes, there is one side that has writing on it, tells you all the info about the cord, but there is no white strip. the writing and everything is black.

Just want to double check everything. Thanks!

The other end where the plug is.

That prong goes to neutral.


Neutral is the left wire on the plug.

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Thanks! Just wired it up. I’ll know if I did something right soon enough.

@OldSkunk So it won’t power on. I’m not sure if the cable I bought just isn’t capable of powering the 480, or there’s something wrong with my connection.
Any suggestions or ideas?

I’m worried it might be a poor connection in my connector. The plastic around the wiring is really thick so i can’t slide any bit of it into the connector, i’m only inserting the wire tip (half an inch). So the small screws are screwed directly into the wire to hold them in, as opposed to the screw being on plastic.

Thanks again