POWER BILL for indoor setup

How much more is your power bill each month when running a grow tent with lighting?
Looking at this 3000w https://amzn.to/3ypdWrH

Looks like 375 watts. 375x18 hours=6750watts
Or nearly 7kwh if running it maxed all the time through veg.

Or 375x12=4500 or 4.5kw for flowering

Plus a couple hundred watts for fans, maybe another 300-400 watts for humidifier/dehumidifier.

Cost of electricity is different from city to city and plan to plan. Provider to provider. You’d have to inquire with your electrical company.

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Did some research. Looks like 11.08 cent per kw hour.

There is probably a better choice for a light @dbrn32 @BobbyDigital @Nicky Amazon reviews should not be trusted


You will spend more on replacing that light after a grow or two than on electricity. You will spend more upfront for a better light but you will not have to replace it. I have a King 125w (actual) if is fine for what it is and what I wanted it for (small area veg light).
Additionally, no way will that 375w flower a 5x5 area. Maybe a 3x3.
The PAR maps on amazon look impressive but they leave out the size of the area. My guess it is a 24"x24" square. Less than honorable. For comparison only, these are the PAR maps for spider farmer 4000 with 450w

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So tell me more about your light, or a better light that this Amazon light

What size grow tent?

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Many of us regret having bought one of these Amazon lights. Be sure to get a light built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.


3x3 Tent:
Kind XL 600 (280w) and DIY fixture with Photo Boost Strips from Pacific Light Concepts (170w)

2x2 scrog frame
Sono Farm SF4000 - 400w

2.5 x 6’ closet
Three HLG 260 v2 rspec - total 780w

Veg Area
Chilled Tech - 65w veg spectrum growcraft X1 mini
King LED - King Plus 600 (125w actual)

I have a couple other small fixtures not being used

Cost me about 150to200mo the for about 2200w of light shit ton of fans ac units dehumid 2 8" inlines 2 4" inlines 1 6" online I have 2 rooms and a tent all hlg lights steer clear of the pink purple lights.

My grow cost varies month to month, based on outside environmental conditions. Sometimes I have to run the dehumidifier more often, and sometimes I run just lights. Costs me about 30-50 a month to run two tents. Dehumidifier uses more juice than anything I have.

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