Powdery white mildew?

I have five outdoor autos that, for the most part, have done well. I found this white stuff on a few leaves of one of my plants. I’ve since moved that plant a little bit away from the others. Anybody have any ideas of what it may be? I’m going to try and upload these pics, been having trouble. Processing: 4D49C154-9D18-429F-9528-3A41370B5FFB.jpeg…

Looks like it to me

Thanks, man.

Does anyone know how much water (distilled?) you mix with the peroxide? It doesn’t say in the ilgm article.

It’s 1 tablespoon (3% hydrogen peroxide solution) to 1 gallon of water. That’s my mainstay for mixing it. Best of luck to you, I hope this helps.

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I see a bud wash in your future.

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:flushed: before I saw this I found an article that said the mix was a water/peroxide ratio of 9-1.

I’ve read u could water your plant with 3% hydrogen peroxide. There likely are many versions of the “correct” mixture. Start low work your way up.

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