Powdery mold or mildew


My plant has a little mold mostly on the bottom. Can i extract the oil or is it junk. It has a tons of buds and they are so sticky i dont want to waste it. Thanks, Bob


Hey @Robtha99!

Mold is definitely a bad thing but white powdery spots on fan leaves can be easily remedied and is (depending on the severity) no reason to waste a whole plant.

There are several tried and tested methods of getting rid of the powdery mildew. There are tons of products (organic and otherwise) that you can feed the plants for prevention of mold or apply to the leaves as topical treatment.

However, the best method in my opinion is the H2O2 bath my plants get after harvest. Look up “Washing Away White Powdery Mildew” on Youtube for more details on this cleansing process. Works great!

Good luck to you! :sunglasses: :+1:


Could you post a pic


How are you extracting? Bho press ?