Powdery Mildew vs the people

Time and time again grow after grow powdery mildew somehow seems to keep taking a hold of the small tent set up for the plants. To be fair most the blame was on my part. New grower learning after trial and error found out the right temps to avoid powdery mildew have perfect air flow circulation placed a “HEPA” filter to help with air circulation and filtration. BUT NOW IM IN NEED OF ANSWWRS MAN. I’m tired of having to fight this thing I just want someone who’s cracked the code on the perfect preventative program to ensure your plants are pm free.


photos and size of tent, please. Rh? Welcome back

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Good air flow - circulation fans and an exhaust fan and keeping humidity under 60RH will keep the powdery mildew away. I’ve only had powdery mildew once in 30 years and that was early in my growing when I used to turn off the exhaust fan during the dark period - which drove up humidity and no air being exhausted.

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I agree with @hellraiser. Make sure you get plenty of fresh air coming in and going out. I have a tent with no filtration except the front of the tent. You may have to add a 2nd fan and get rid of the nitrogen and stuff. Leave the door open a little bit during the day without risking the lighting too much. I have mine open at the bottom a few hours a day and may put a 2nd fan in to circulate the air more.I know light and environment is key to a good grow.At least you have a filtration system for the stink of the grow. Good luck

rh was kept 45 38% tent has two inline fans pulling hot air out of tent (2ft x 2ft size).

I clean my tent every end of the week with hydrogen peroxide. To ensure no pathogens survive the spraying I use a strong dose not the 3% hydrogen peroxide but the 30% just pour half an oz of hydrogen to 1 gallon of reverse osmosis water and spray the whoel thing even the inside of the inside fan thats what creates the white stains not powdery mildew

If you use 5 oz of 3% it’s the same thing lol. 35% peroxide at the grow store is like $40 and 3% at Wally World is $.84: I’ll stick with that.

Peroxide and WPM go together. IMO it is endemic to cannabis cultivation and even if you can’t see it, it is still present. I also have determined for myself that it affects the life of cured flower. I always advocate doing a peroxide bud wash at harvest for this reason.

Here’s one plant grown indoor that I washed: