Powdery mildew, trichomes, or other?

Hi friends,

I’m noticing this around the leaves on some of the flowers on my more developed plant. Is this powdery mildew, bugs, or something else. Wishful thinking that they’re trichomes on the leaves but it’s only around the flowers and not the more external fan leaves.

Thank you for any expertise you can impart.


That’s the good stuff


Sugar !!! All good keep it going!!!


I was out with my ladies yesterday morning and saw the same thing. Thought it was the dew. Went out later and found this.

No worries…


Phew. Thank goodness. You all made my summer. Sincere thanks for your response.


Mmmm… Trichomes


That looks like trichomes to me bud. If you rub it and its sticky and smells good its trichomes

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I keep catching my wife squeezing buds …

I’m gonna kick her ass

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I have a question, my plants are in flower and looking pretty good thus far!! However i was just looking at them and spotted a black fuzzy looking spot on the stalk going into one of the branches and it’s the only area out of the entire plant and all my other plants, please help lol, this is only my second grow, i am feeling like this is some sort of mold but I’m not really sure.

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Will do!

Wish I could help but obviously I don’t know with this stuff.

Might get more educated opinions with your own thread.

Good luck!