Powdery Mildew, or something else?

Hi all. First off let me to say a big thank you for a great forum and amazing help and comments from everyone here. So many times in the past you guys have been of great help in situations where I was lost as to what I should be doing.

On to my question.

The pictures included show some brown substance on the Leaves. I did have powdery mildew and did have an issue with it. It was quite a serious Outbreak. I had to throw away several plants, and I used apple cider vinegar to spray the plants very lightly.

The pictures you see here are some of the remaining plants but I want to make sure whether or not this is just a result of the major powdery mildew outbreak, or whether I should be looking for something else.

So that is the first question, namely, is this something other than powdery mildew?

The second question is: how regularly may I use the apple cider vinegar now that I am fighting a powdery mildew Outbreak? I mix 2 teaspoons with 1 litre of water and spray very lightly.

Thanks in advance for all the input, and thanks again to all for many, many previous assistances.

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I’m not sure what that is but it doesnt look good. I’m sure we have someone here with an answer and a fix


@garrigan62 any ideas?

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You have an insect infestation: that’s what that one ugly leaf is telling you along with the larvae crawling around.

Wash down the whole plant in 50/50 solution of 3% peroxide and distilled water. Spray the entire plant down and pay attention to the undersides of leaves. Remove diseased leaves prior to spraying and bag and discard.

You need to dose the plant with something like BtK or Spinosad, alternating between them and peroxide. Look for ‘Safer’ Caterpillar killer (BtK) or ‘Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew’ (spinosad) and follow package directions.

White vinegar is not a bad idea as it’s chief solvent is acetic acid: an excellent disinfectant. But probably effective in much higher concentrations than you are using.

Get your humidity as low as possible which will help with pests too.


Hard to say without a scope, but looks to me like you have springtails.

I have been looking at these picks and from I can tell this has gone on to long now. I’em sorry but their just to far gone. He would be better off startimg over and chuck these out. But before he or she starts over again. That hole grow room needs to be cleaned down real good before even thinking about starting again. If they don’t, then its just a waste of time. The white Powered Mile Dew will still be there.
I have been there done that and it was a pain in the you know what, but got it cleaned and that goes for spider mites also


What do you recommend cleaning with?

I used 50/50 on my room. and that was all cords walls ceiling pots everything
oh that was 990/0 alcohol…sorry
also u need to be alert to where you been. cause you brought it in or something did
that’s 99 0/0 alcohol


Hope you got the issue fixed. Any update?