Powdery Mildew is this it? Or is it wet powder from the plastic on the tent

does this look like powdery mildew. I think its the powder that coats the inside of the plastic on my outdoor greenhouse. looks like water droplets in the powder.
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If it rinses off with water it’s not WPM. If you hit it with peroxide and it DOES rinse then; it is. More than likely.

thank you @Myfriendis410
what could I use to kill and prevent it from returning?

ran water over a leave and it appears the white came off

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Watch this short clip:

Prevent Mold

Mild peroxide and water solution sprayed periodically will keep in check.

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what is the dilution ration for water to peroxide ?

A couple of tablespoons in a quart sprayer is all you need.


found this on my outside plants anyone know what it is?
and, how to get rid of it ?