Powdery Mildew in veg room!

I need advise on what to do. I introduced powdery mildew into both my flower and veg room with packs of bamboo sticks carrying it in their packages.

That said, I’ve harvested all the flower but having a hard time getting the veg room under control or eliminating the spread. I’m using yucca and neem oil. I have a full room with 4 mothers of which two I’m getting rid of and numerous other plants vegging I was about to flower.

I guess my questions are… can I get this under control and how? Should I destroy clean abs start from scratch? But this would be so sad… any thoughts!

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Try 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water

Also Sierra Natural Sciences make a fungicide I’ve heard good things about.


You can try green cleaner. It’s organic.

I’ve been battling wpm for about a year now. I’ve got a thread detailing all the things I’ve tried. I’ve literally scoured the internet and spent a lot of $$ trying to find a solution. I’ve tried it all. I even built an entirely new grow space and ran an ozone generator before anything went in there. Nothing really killed it. Most things I tried of nuked my plants, stunk like poo, or just knocked it back a peg.
I thought I had it beat a few months ago, but it came back again.

We’re both in Vt, so perhaps I can help you best since we’re in the same environment.

Right now I’ve got my flower room running 75%rh. Yes, that’s right. Apparently wpm will not “fruit” in super high humidity. It may still be there, but it won’t “fruit” and spore. The trick is keeping condensation from forming on the buds at lights out. I’m still working on that, since the dew will promote bud rot. I haven’t seen wpm in the flowering room since upping the rh.

I’ve also found a product called JMS Stylet oil ( the organic one). It’s odorless, scentless, doesn’t nuke plants, and Is supposedly fine for use up to about a week before harvest.

Everything I’ve sprayed it on has shown zero signs of wpm for about 2 weeks. The plants in my flower room have shown zero signs for 4 weeks now. The ones in the 50-60rh veg room have shown a resurgence about every 14-20 days.
I have a couple plants that were infected, that I put outside. They continued to show wpm signs until I sprayed the JMS. I’ve hit them 2x with it, the last time was over a month ago, and they show zero signs of wpm.

It’s about $55/gal, and the best thing I’ve tried. It’s the ONLY thing I’ve tried that actually knocks it down. They recommend spraying every 2 weeks.

Of all the things I’ve tried (haven’t tried green cleaner yet) it’s the only one that’s shown promise.

I’m hoping within a grow or two I manage to finally get rid of this curse.


Thank you so much for letting me know what’s working for you. Did you get that stuff local or order on amazon?

I’m goi g to give it a try. You had me sold at odorless. lol

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Stylet-oil .com. Arbico appears to be slightly cheaper. Be sure to get the organic one.
Let me know how it works for you.

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Thank you
Will do bro!

Here’s a link to some of the bud I had to pull early cause of this problem. Ugh…

New larger grow room almost complete!