Powdery Mildew in NY

already committed so not much I can do now…I read 2 tsp or organic apple cider vinegar and 1 qt of water was the best spray treatment for powdery mildew…any thoughts?

In flower? If so, im not exactly sure. Some people swear by diluted milk, some use a bit of peroxide….

I personally REFUSE to spray flowers. Ill harvest early and bud wash before I risk my beautiful buds. Do u have pictures?

How bad is it? Like whole infestation or a few buds?

Indoors or out?

Need a bit more info my friend

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This :100: agree unless it’s plain water and absolutely necessary

@HVFCo Also the advice about harvesting is top notch
Close is close enough to do a bud wash and save your harvest …
I’d rather smoke underdeveloped by a week or 2 bud than continue to let WPM thrive

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I have 4 plants finishing up outdoors my Wedding Cake autoflowers shows the most damage, almost 3/4

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Gelato not as bad some bud rot

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Gorilla Glue

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And Zkittlz with minor bud rot

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Is it possible to edit/rotate pictures

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Not sure on how to rotate
I’ve heard others complain too but can’t ever if it was an IOS issue or Droid
I’m on iOS and have no problems

The WPM …can be taken care of in a bud wash
But u can also try foliage spray of H202 and water
Please don’t ask me the ratio because I don’t use H202 as a foliar spray and I wouldn’t use it on buds unless I had WPM or something else even in bud wash …
Now I know it safe I just don’t like what it does to human hair lol …I know quickly using it in a bud wash is fine tho I just choose baking soda and lemon juice instead
However if those were mine I would use H202 and harvest ASAP

Sorry I just mean sooner than later not ASAP
from what I see your so close anyway the few days will not have too much of an impact if your in a hurry …if not I think your good too just do a bud wash look up Jorge Cervantes on you tube he does a demo of how it’s done specifically for WPM

Wow that is a lot of pwm. Take care as soon as it shows up, no worries. Mix up some peroxide 50/50 is what I use. Not far from you all of us north east have had a troubling year to much rain and to long shady days. My crop is a quarter of last year, Can’t fight mother nature. A bud at harvest will take care of anything may be left hanging around.

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Been fighting wpm as well, I used a 1/4 ratio of peroxide/water spray as soon as I saw it. But when the rot showed up I decided to harvest early :person_shrugging: I did a peroxide/ water bud wash and a lemon juice / baking soda wash as well.

In the past I’ve thrown out entire plants that had WPM. Only through this site did I learn to control it. First time doing a bud wash as well. Made me kinda gag at the thought of what I’d been smoking all these years :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: