Powdery Mildew in my buds

I have powdery mildew in my buds and I was wondering if I could get some ideas as to how to get it out of my tent? I’ve heard about Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Vinegar but I just found some CLR (I think it’s a Canadian) for mould and mildew. If I clean the tent and lights do you think it will get rid of it??? My tent is 32"x32"x56".

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Peroxide and water


That’s a bummer , to prevent in the future increase airflow. Keep the fans spinning.
Good luck

Peroxide and water, douche the whole plant down with 1 cup in 1 gallon of distilled water and allow to dry over night. Increase airflow and decrease humidity in the grow space, defoliation may be necessary and I would absolutely do a bud wash at harvest.

Unless you want to smoke WPM.

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