Powdery mildew during flower

What’s going on fellow Growers! I’ve been dealing with some powdery mildew and I’m full flower right now SMH. Was using apple cider vinegar with water spray to try to keep it at Bay but it’s just so damn humid here that is very difficult. Anybody have any tips on treating this stuff during flower?? Any fungicides that I can use up to harvest and won’t affect flavor?? Thank you for the feedback in advance!

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This will totally work

Check it out on Amazon but I’d go to their website and read about them
It’s made for cannabis …from plant oils

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I have had some debates about this and you may be able to use this …

I havent used this product yet and wasent going to use it for WPM but it does say That it can be used for WPM and it says you can use it up to the day of harvest but I always take that kinda info with a grain of salt. But hey if it’s a last ditch effort I would try whatever.

I’m in the same boat as you are right now, my outdoor ladies have been through that storm and 2 days of rain the past few days , and they are well into flower as well. Luckily they are in pots so for the last 2 nights they have been in the shed with a fan on them to dry them off otherwise I garentee I could have a serious case of WPM beginning to brew.


@Lacewing nice my man! Have you used the stuff during flower before? Any taste left behind?

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@Flipdawg08 nice plants there fella, you got the right idea! I’m afraid of using neem oil because of all the reviews of people saying it leaves a nasty taste on the bud. I’m at my wit’s end with this wpm situation…Been thinking about putting a Big Ass Fan outside or something LOL :man_shrugging:t4:

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I have not used it during flower and hope I do not need to …however I would totally trust it …as there are pretty decent sized commercial grows he sells to in California and the product has been through a lot of testing …all that info is available in the website

I did use it on a plant that was later to be discovered male and there was no odor to it
And anyplace there was over spray …like deck surface …nothing was left behind …

I also didn’t notice any kind of film or glaze left behind
The leaves looked shiny for a while but once they are dry went back to normal

Man that’s a big shed !!

I managed to keep mine dry under a pop up gazebo during all that rain !!!

Those buds look great …I think I should be ok as long as there are no crazy wind events

I have been on a serious but slow defoliation mission …there’s usually a nice breeze here and plenty of circulation through the the plants

Keep em dry!!! What strains you have there ?

Oh and I have no experience at all with neem oil …I own the bottle you have next to it amd never had to spray it knock on wood !!!

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Yeah I have had to use that other stuff in late veg on those 2 big outdoor girls I have due to borer caterpillars it worked like a charm tho , but unfortunately dont know the strain those were 2 bagseeds I got from a bag of dank but they are doing great, also have some growing inside as well. And yeah the shed is a good size I got lucky with that one , it’s about 10 feet wide by probably 15 feet long and those 2 big girls take up almost the whole thing when placed inside! Haha each plant is easily 6-8 feet wide do to the training I did lol good thing to cause if I didnt they would easily be 8ft+ tall and that would be no good cause I’m still in a illegal state and dont need the neighbors seeing a huge cola growing over their fence hahahaha @Lacewing



Here is one of my indoor grows and about half of those plants are the same strain, crazy how differently they grew based on environmental conditions alone

And you know the funny thing is those 2 big ones outside were the runts of the litter of seeds I originally sprouted for the indoor tent so that’s why they went outside and now they will probably end up being the most heavy producers per plant that I have going right now . They have only been flowering a few weeks now and already have stacked buds as long as my arm so I’m sure by the time they are ready to chop I’ll easily have some 2ft long buds on the tops of those branches and many of them , each plant has between 24-36 tops each!! Very excited about them hahaha

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Man those indoor plants look so disgustingly good …
I’m still in an illegal state too …it’s legal recreationally but still a felony to grow so I’m with ya on the height issue !!

Your gonna have some nice sacs for a while !!