Powdery mildew and mold

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I noticed after I purchased that 2 of the strains are harder to grow. Powdery mildew and mold (prone to). Last summer was my first summer growing. I live in oregon , and we had a pretty dry summer and didnt have much trouble with mold at all which is not how it always goes, but I dont know what kind of seeds they were and they were about 7 years old.i was shocked that they germinated and were all feminine. Whats the best way to regulate the moisture level outdoors to prevent mold .Thanks :slight_smile:

Outdoors you are entirely at the mercy of nature. There are strains that are somewhat resistant to mildew but you’ll always be fighting it outside if the humidity is high.

Spraying with baking soda and water, Hydrogen Peroxide 2 or 3 cap full’s of water and skim milk and then and spray all your plants but won’t stop it.


Yup like @Myfriendis410 said your at the mercy of mother nature
The thing i’em thing of butting a fan out there.

Hold i’em going to go check something out just had an idea


You could try tenting the area and doing a sulfur burn then remove tent or covering
But I agree with both above posts
lol guess this would be determined by how large of a outdoor grow you have
Sulfur burning will stop wpm tho
Treatment would need to be reapplied regularly also

Becky common now give your customer some hope.

Don’t give in to easy:grinning:

Mother Nature can often be a bitch to deal with. But when she’s treated with respect, she’ll sometimes give bountiful crops, heavy with big tight sparkling nugs.

I’m assuming phototype seeds. Germinated between 17th - 31st March in the “small” State of Oregon.

Humidity Levels in Oregon

Average humidity levels in Sept & October

Astoria 86 - Could have problems with mold and bud rot.
Pendleton 48 - Not a problem providing due care is paid to defoliation and the other stuff.

Work Around Astoria
Humidity June - July - August average around 62%

Start grow as early as possible.
Take early cuttings, top & FIM.
Veg cuttings until mid-June.
With a pre-built “Dark Box” cover the plants on a 12-12 light schedule in mid-June.
July change to 11-13
August to cropping change to 10-14

MOTHER plants should go the distance but if the worst happens… well shit happens. However, your customer will have backup buds from his early clone crop. If it’s a golden year, your customer will definitely become your best BUD!

I live in the north of Ireland and this is how I tackle mold and bud rot issues.

Best regards


@jackowhee @ILGM.Becky posted this here to due just that give customer some hope thanks fir posting how you deal with the issues
Last summer here in the states it was unusually humid all outdoor season on both coasts just a fyi so i would actually think if things where normal the customer wouldn’t even had a issue last season but as we mentioned Mother Nature is a tuff cookie at times and we just need to adapt to the situation thanks again for sharing