Powdery mildew and if so what can be done?

Y’all might remember my previous topic “My dad stole my plant!” Well…we’ve got problems. Driving at the moment so I’ll post a support ticjet later if needed.
The plants a strawberry kush that he put out in his vegetable garden and is just letting it grow. It’s also probably 3-4 weeks into flower and I went to look at it today and noticed some white splotches. Thought it might be bird poop at first but noticed a few more spots.

@latewood @garrigan62 @yoshi

Could that be powdery mildew? I’d look up what conditions it occurs and see if that matches
Also think about pruning bottom leaves for ventilation

could be bird poop? @Beans

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@BIGE I think your right
Doesn’t look like mold to me

It’s on other leaves in the other pictures

I was Having the same white stuff on a few leaves but that was a few drops of mixed water (nutes+water). But also I’m whit @BIGE

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@Fever you are correct sir thanks for pointing it out my friend I missed it on the lower leaves of the first two pics :+1: Good eye bro lol
Sulfur burning will combat mold even outdoors
You may need tobtent her up durind treatment tho which takes multiple runs for a few hours a day over a course of a few weeks but will stop it in inta tracks
You could also put a or blowing on them to keep air moving gently across the plays preventing as much moisture settling on you plant as well @Beans
Just a few suggestions good luck with you situation

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