Powdery Mildew and How do i cure it?

Fellow growers upon inspection of my fabrics pots.I noticed on the side white mildew looking substance.I started looking up remedies and decided to try a backing soda mix for a flush to rid the mildew from the soil.I am 8 weeks into flowering almost done so i wanted to know will the baking soda take care of the mildew? Or should i do a flush with neem oil to attack the mildew?

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Picture? Are you sure it’s mildew and not salt build up from nutrients?

If it’s wpm then hydrogen peroxide and water spray it


I’m with @Nicky I think you are looking at some salt or mineral buildup, and again with Nicky on the peroxide water mix. I use the peroxide mix on a regular basis probably every third week I spray down my tent plants and all until they start to flower then I avoid them with the spray, but I’ll hit the floor pots walls etc it oxidizes any mold spores, bugs don’t like it, and it gives your plants a boost of oxygen


Yep, another vote for salt/mineral deposits. You will know by its appearance, salt will look like a tide mark around the pot

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Thanks, i do have a pic if you can see and yes she was a little dry right before watering.I was told also that it could be salt from the build up nutes …?Just not sure but thanks for your advice.

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I don’t see anything on the fabric of the pot. If it’s on top of the soil it’s normal just mix it in be it white or green it’s common.

I don’t have a picture to show you the green moss that grows on the top of my coco but it happens.