Powder mold issue

A question from a fellow grower:

I have what I suspect is powder mold. Found it on a plant that was flowering so I treated all of my greenhouse plants. I harvested the infected plant 2 weeks ago. Now my 5 week old Crystal plant has those tiny powdery looking dots on it. I am assuming the mold is active in my greenhouse.

How do I did the greenhouse of this pest and are there any strains that are powder mold resistant? I live on the southern Oregon coast. My greenhouse is 8’ x 7’. I have fans in there for circulation.

IN the future you need to attempt to tighten your environmental guidelines.

There are several ideas, and short term remedies. I also think Robert developed a product for this issue. I apologize; I have a greenhouse (commercial op); Once I used diluted Milk to stifle powdery mildew. Baling soda and water: 2 TBS per gallon will ruin it’s environment. Mold likes acidic environment; Baking soda makes it very alkaline.

You do not want to have to keep applying this to your plants. I just wanted to share a bit of info. I will look into the ILGM product, if it exists, but I imagine someone else will stop by and give you more info, before I get back. Peace

Thank you for posting my question. I’ve heard of baking soda. Will give it a try! Must clean g.h.