Powder mold 2 weeks before harvest

Help! I’m 2 weeks till harvest on my first grow and have noticed a little PM on one of my girls. Only on a couple fan leaves. Can someone please advise me??? There

You can just plan on rinsing with peroxide. Until harvest increase air exchange, air circulation, and reduce humidity if you can.


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@Grohl620 Apple cider vinegar 2tsp in a 1 qt sprayer give it a lite spray and wipe off as much as possible using plain white paper towels wipe off throw away get new towel and repeat use the same towel you’re just spreading it. After you wipe spray again let it sit for a few and shake off excess moisture from buds. You can spray daily up until you harvest dry cure and smoke. Always use any sprays at lights off except when using milk it needs the light or if directed by product label I can’t think of any.

Personally I would wash buds at harvest but when this was tested they didn’t wash tastes said no difference in taste. My ol lady and kids smoke what I grow and I would wash if there’s any chance of anything being on it, another reason I switched to all organic

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Thanks for all the advice and the welcome… I just finished the acv method mentioned above and upped my air exchange. They’re so close to harvest stressed me out

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:+1::crossed_fingers:I can’t post the study on acv here or I’m sure someone will tell on me again but he just finished it and said his wife and 2 friends couldn’t tell the difference between the plant sprayed and the one not. He sprayed the plant the day he harvested didn’t do a wash. I would wash it if it were mine or at very least dunk it in some water/peroxide mix

How do I do the water/peroxide dip? Ratio on the mix. Sorry, like I said it’s my first grow

1 cup 3% peroxide for every 5 gallons of water

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