Powder Mildew week 11 Autoflower help

I need some help how to deal with the powder mildew I’ve recently noticed.
I am starting week 11 in the Gorilla Glue Auto, and concerned I will have to trash this plant.
Anyway to treat during flowering? I have a couple of days to go, should I harvest now?
Sorry for all the questions, I am freaking out.
P.S. I have a couple of more plants in the room, but the don’t seem to be affect.
Thanks fellow growers.

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JMS organic stylet oil. Odorless, tasteless, supposedly safe up to harvest.

Looks like you’ve got a couple weeks left.


Thanks Drinkslinger! I’ve read a little about a peroxide and water mix 50/50. IDK?
I have that on hand.


@Drinkslinger has a good suggestion if you want to use a commercial product. The advantage of the commercial product is that there is likely to be explicit instructions and dose charts with the product.

Hydrogen peroxide/water works well for many of us. You should also plan on a peroxide rinse after harvest. A quick search will give you videos that will show how this is done.

I rinse all of my buds even though I have not had any WPM issues. The rinse removes any dust and other foreign material from the buds and keeps them fresh longer.

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Is that 50/50 mix then?

Looking at the picture you still have a few weeks to go To get those buds finished up. Also increase air circulation you may need to add another fan.

I use a cup or 2 per 5 gallons of water for the rinse after harvest…

@Myfriendis410 or @Covertgrower can provide the best concentration to deal with WPM on the plant. I have not had to deal with that (yet).

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1:1 ratio, or higher.


Thank you to all! I have havested 3 nice ones already, I have two at this stage, and the first sprout I seen 11 weeks ago isn’t even starting to bud yet. We’ll see how long it takes for these.
Thanks again all.

I’ve tried h202 on wpm. From diluted to straight it never controlled it

JMS stylet oil is the only thing I’ve ever found to be easily effective on wpm.

One can also keep the rh at 72-75%. That keeps the fruiting bodies from appearing. But there’s also a lot of risk running a high rh like that.