Pouring nutrients over plants - washing over the leaves

so because i use a scrog to grow and i keep it kinda close to the pots as it serves as a sort of LST by opening up the branches as they grow i direct them in an open circle of sorts under the netting with allows for more tops to surface ( as designed)- but my question is as the plants grow and fill up the scrog net I can no longer find a place to water/feed that doesn’t wash over the leaves- I can’t get my gallon bottles under the net - will this cause pants leaves to dry out or spot or even die off? I use GH 3 part and a bunch of other things like cal mag etc… I mix a separate gallon jug for each plant to individualize if needed - Thoughts and suggestions?

Attach a piece of tubing to a watering bottle? Or a pump sprayer? Big funnel for doing oil changes (what I will be using)?


Pump sprayers are really slow, btw. I don’t tend to use mine for that reason. If I can’t reach well, I’ll attach a couple feet if tubing to the funnel with a hose clamp. Then I can just put the tube where I want it and pour. That’s the plan anyway.


one of those long transmission funnels comes to mind…

exactly! :+1:

some even have handles!:grinning:

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I need my transmission funnel for my transmission’s…my girls would hate that for sure…haha

thats it!:smiley:

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I use the long extention for my shop vac