POTUS to crack down on recreational marijuana use?

I just heard this on the morning news show, but no other details were given. I’m MMJ but nevertheless this was very alarming!

I’m wondering if anyone else has heard anything about this, apparently this is very new and I can’t find any other info on the net?

I did. i posted it in the garden… msm trying to get everyone worked up over nothing



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Also crossposted
Spicer says POTUS sees a distinction between MM and RecM and will crack down on legalized States. So much for reducing big govt and putting the legislature in the States’ hands. Sessions appears to be driving influence in veiled threat (?).

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Under Obama, the DEA was informed not to go after growers in legal States unles they broached the 100 plant statute, and clear chain of evidence indicated further illicit actions, i.e.: black market distribution. The DEA was told to let States manage growers going outside limitations imposed on grow-op size, quantity on-hand, etc…, as outlined and defined in The State legislation.

Under the SCROTUS (So Called Ruler of the United States), I would suspect that the DEA will go back to prosecuting grow-ops of over 100 plants, regardless if they are 100% legal under State law, and medical dispensaries storing over 4 lbs (I think that’s the number). That would be the logical and easiest first step for this, NOT MY PRESIDENT, to make. His next steps are anyone’s guess.


Ok, I enjoy the freedom of speach, but he is Your President. Honestly the government has bigger fish to fry, with the horrible immigration issues ans hearlcare abomination over the last 8 years an the healthcare. Clinton tried to do somethin like this back when CA first went with medical, the cost to go after every state wouldn’t be worth it. The states would fight it. The revenue the states pull in is astronomical. I wasn’t happy with the last 8 years of Obama, but I like a good American citizen respected him in public. I am a military man and not mater if I disagree with the POTUS or not he is still the President.


Wow …I just sent admin a message that I wasn’t going to flag or delete anything until I knew more about procedure xcetera but I don’t have to know too much more to know that those comments are inappropriate, unfounded allegations

Don’t get me wrong, your opinion is fine, at least with me, however your accusations are not.

.you know I had second thoughts about posting this, I saw it and presented it as a news article and then I said well I wonder if, and didn’t take me long to find out

let’s all move on, shall we…?

( for the record I would have flagged that comment if I wasn’t just promoted )


I’m fine with everyone opinions, I am a huge believer of the freedom of speech, but there has to be some form of respect towards people that hold positions of government. I don’t agree with everythin they do, but you have to respect it. I apologise if I offended anyone or over stepped any boundaries.


Yes but it’s unappropriate. He’s going on about crazy unfounded things.

I’m sorry I ever posted this thread to be honest with you, I saw a news article that I wanted to share that I thought might be relevant to both the medical marijuana as well as recreational community, but I wondered if (or maybe how long) it would be before it went sideways …wasn’t very long

Thank you for your service to our country @Hawkeye_diesel


@Hawkeye_diesel I am a military brat, raised by an officer, and former reservist. I, and every male in my family for generations, as well as you, took an oath that begins with, “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”. This is the first and most powerful statement in the oath we took because it holds precedence over everything that follows. For my part, I have not seen a governmental cycle yet that has not stepped all over the Constitution. Therefore, I find it difficult to hold allegiance to holders of office. For me, respecting the office does not equate respecting the person holding office; nor, are they prerequisite to each other.

We, and now I speak of all people everywhere, are in seriously dangerous waters. We had better start looking at the long game of survival of the species before we drown in petty archaic notions and institutions.

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I take my oath very seriously and still to this day I live by that oath I took. I may not be in the Army anymorw, but just because my career is over, doesn’t mean I forgot the oath.


Thank you brother, it means a lot to me


@Paranorman Wow! Flagged? Really? Maybe I got a little rough at the end, using colorful metaphors and hyperbole… But, doesn’t that mean in the USA that I would make a perfect politician? Everything before that was spot on regarding the DEA, and possible action that could be taken moving forward. You could have just sent me a PM saying something like, “could you edit out that last bit”?

Hmmmm… Gotta ask, how can we expect to have and protect free speech if we practice censorship? How can we respect free speech if every time someone voices an opinion contrary to our own we get butt-hurt about it, instead of engaging in dialogue?


@Hawkeye_diesel I also live my oath brother. I love our country, it’s people, and the potential it holds. I love our Constitution! And, that’s as far as the love goes. Our command post is under siege, bro. You know… I actually got accosted by the cops for hanging my deceased father’s flag upside down when the Supreme Court picked our President in 2000. Sad… Sad… Days.

I hope I don’t get banned or something. I guess I should put in my bio that I have degrees in Philosophy, Poli-Sci, Socio-Psychology, with minors in Anthropology and History! Maybe that would give fair warning, that y’all are dealing with an over educated idiot?

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No one is sayin that you can’t have free speech, but with some of the rhetoric you use is offensive to other people and causes unneeded animosity. This is a place where we come together to talk about plants and happy things. There isn’t a need to muddy the water an bring everyone’s good vices down with nasty words.


I would have just edited it, and taken out the string of naughtiness.

I guess what I’m tryin to say is that we’re all adults and everyone here needs to be more tactful when addressing things like this. This is also why I stray away at all times from talkin about politics, it just stirs up too much dust and muddied the water. You know?

And you said my topic was going to stir things up!!! :wink::imp:

With your comment, I just noticed your promotion! Congratulations Brother!!

Things are going the way they must…


To repeat myself, I posted this because I thought it would be of interest to both the medical and recreational Community

This is a grow Web site, not a political forum, further, this is not in the appropriate chatroom for political discussion

Edit: this is in ’ Political ', I thought I posted it in ’ News " because I wanted to present it as a news topic, and intended to put it under the ’ News ’ heading

I suggested we move on, I suggest we move on still


I totally get what your saying man. I just have always been a political creature. For me, politics, and the political process are as necessary as my heartbeat. I fear for a world where men shy from politics. It is, after all, “the process in which people of different cultures, heritage, and ideals communicate their differences in the hopes of finding a common ground.” - Myers

We need all hands on deck, and all hands should be equally present. As @Paranorman wants… I am done on this thread… But I go away a little sad, and a little disheartened. Guess I’ll go sit with my ladies. They always cheer me up.


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