Potting soils to choose from

fafard baccto or daddy pete for outside grow

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Most everyone can recommend Fox Farms Ocean forest. There’s also Great Lakes, kind, and a few others.


Last year I used happy frog from seed in all my pots out for 5 plants I got 1.6 pounds. Was happy but this year I am going to use happy frog in my solo cups and 15 gallon pots and in my 35gallon pots I’m going to use ocean floor. Ocean floor has more nutrients in it so I worry about nuti burn in the young plants. But others use ocean from seed all the way thru.

Happy Frog, Ocean Forest, Blue Sky Organics is amazing living soil. Next grow for me is likely Blue Sky.

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I use e.b. stone recipe 420- is that bad? I used that soil as a base for my newest no-till soils. Also,I have 4 no-till netpots (15 & 20gallon) that have a base of FFOF,amongst other soils like Kellogg and Dr Earth,and Happy Frog mixed in.
I do like Ocean Forest- or any product with good sea-life ingredients.

SL out.

I used cannabis coco plus with perlite and using professors grow booster on a super skunk feminized , I’m a first time grower anything I could possibly learn from some more experienced growers

I havent grown bud in two decades, instead ive been growing fungi, both psilo and edible fungi, i started a grow with the old sterile soil added some nutes and compost and its been working wonderfully…

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hello, how can i grow medical marijuana in freezing environments

Welcome @preciouschimoto it’s not recommended, temperatures typically need to be 75° and above.