Potting size and transplanting

Hey everyone I’m working on my first grow and hungry for knowledge and wondering after the solo or baby pot stage is it ok to go right to 5 gallon fabric pot or should I slowly increase size that being said how damaging to the plant is transplanting thanks in advance
For any info


You can do either, but if you go straight into it’s forever pot, make sure not to over water while it builds its root system :v:


I’ve done solo to 5, solo to 10, solo to 2 to 10, and solo to 5 to 10. I think going forward I’ll skip the middle size and go solo to final. I haven’t had overwatering issues with the big pots, but like @MattyBear says, you need to be careful.


this all depends on your transplanting time and method,
if the plant has filled its current container with roots transplanting can cause little to no strees,

if the ‘soil’ is falling away from the roots and u r rough in handling them then it can be very stressful and could take 2-10 days to recover and grow good again.!

personally i like to pot up, for instance…
20 oz solo cup - 2 gal pot - 5 gal - 10 or 20 gal