Potting medium, aeration, water retention and drainage

Hi all, being preparing to repot from solo cups to 6 gallon (22 liter) pots, and having a hard time choosing the potting medium. I planned to repot into 33% perlite 67% soil, but am now worried that once watered it will be too compact for the roots to grow into, and will hold too much water and not enough air for the roots to breath properly. My main interest is fast-growing roots to obtain a robust-growing plant. I don’t mind watering/feeding every 2-3 days. Your thoughts?

i use, for 4 gallon pots, fox farm ocean forest, and about 6 cups of perlite. great drainage and at 6 weeks flowering, they need water about every 4-5 days.

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I also use Fox Farms Ocean Forest, in 10 gallon cloth pots, outdoor, my pots easily need water every day

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Using JUST FFOF in outdoor raised beds and I’m wondering if I should have added extra Perlite for drainage?

Only needing to water about every 5 days right now, thoughts?

@Green707Thumb I’m using just FFOF in 10gal cloth pots, the same as last years grow, and now that were in the height of summer I am watering 2 gallons a day to the larger of the plants. The cloth pots easily dry out every day. Weight test confirms every morning…

I just recently intentionally skipped a morning watering to see how they would do and they were VERY droopy…super thirsty by 3pm that day…I think the FFOF is pretty good standalone…

I know were in different situations, you being in raised beds vs. me being in cloth pots, but I hope this info can help you. :confused:

So thirsty

That’s how my plant is looking as well but her pot still feels heavy and the soil is still moist. Had a pretty good rain here two nights ago? Any help would be appreciated as well!


Part of the reason I skipped a water that morning was we had some decent rain overnight and I wanted to see if the rain would be enough…it was not

As far as what to do, when my ladies look like that I water, and they have only looked like that once because of my experiment…maybe you have root issues? I would water if the plant looks droopy like that regardless of the soil condition, and if it doesn’t help then you’ll know you have other issues…

Course she was, just look at her!

Thats a StepLadderLady

I grew in fabric pots last season with success until our :bug: problem… they got into most of my tops and the rest is sad history… so going with nets this year to save myself the heartache

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