Potting medium, aeration, water retention and drainage

Hi all, being preparing to repot from solo cups to 6 gallon (22 liter) pots, and having a hard time choosing the potting medium. I planned to repot into 33% perlite 67% soil, but am now worried that once watered it will be too compact for the roots to grow into, and will hold too much water and not enough air for the roots to breath properly. My main interest is fast-growing roots to obtain a robust-growing plant. I don’t mind watering/feeding every 2-3 days. Your thoughts?

i use, for 4 gallon pots, fox farm ocean forest, and about 6 cups of perlite. great drainage and at 6 weeks flowering, they need water about every 4-5 days.

I also use Fox Farms Ocean Forest, in 10 gallon cloth pots, outdoor, my pots easily need water every day

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