Pots vs. Soil beds for a SCROG

So here’s the deal. I’m in the planning stages for a first time 2 plant SCROG.
Starting off, I have a bit of tent height issue. My tent is a 2 X 2 X 4.5ft (55in)
If I get the light I am hoping for, it will be a 432W COB Spider LED Grow Light.
Actual power, 265W, Lumens Output : 17280, beam angle 120 degrees.

After making calculations…
I have to deduct 10 inches from the top for space used for my ventilation system.
Add another 5 inches from the base of the vent system for the LED grow light.
That leaves me with 40 inches remaining from bottom of LED light to bottom of tent.
None of that 'used space 'can be adjusted.

From the bottom of the tent is now where I am trying to adjust space.
This is where I come to the pot vs soil bed.

If I use a 10L pot, that will stand 9 inches tall. Then add my screen…another 8-12 inches from top that. I would prefer 12, but due to space, I would go 8in . That would then take away a total of 17 inches from bottom of tent to top of the screen.

With that, from the top of the screen to the base of the LED lighting fixture, that gives me 23 inches of open space. Then as the plants eventually pass thru the screen, that 23 inches of space will diminish.

If I were to use a soil bed, two beds, one for each plant, I would be able to maximize the 4 square feet at the bottom. The soil beds would be shallower then a pot and the roots would have more space to spread out.

This is a game of inches. I feel I could maybe do the soil beds at a height of 5 inches, rather then a 9 inch tall pot. Save me 4 inches. Doesn’t seem like a much, but 4 inches is 4 inches.

Would love to hear thoughts. is 4 inches worth the hassle of putting together a soil bed? Does it all really matter. Etc.

Its a great idea I think for a couple of plants! But make sue to make a plan to allow drainage, and be able to collect it for measuring your ph, and ppms. It will require a clever design, or another 1-2". I’m only saying this because I learned the hard way this year from trying yo grow in containers without monitoring your soil chemistry, it will leas only to disappointment, don’t make that mistake.

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Are you planing on growing with only ,4" of soil ? Your plant or plants will require more
depth than 4". There roots will be held back as will your group and yeild…Sorry


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Look into hempy buckets they are great for a small space… you can use a plastic tote and some tubing to run your run off to a small catch pan. If your growing female seed and don’t need to remove any male I see no problem growing two plants in a 10 to 12 gallon plastic tote in a space that small. I have seen clones grown in 2 liter bottles about the size your tent would hold.

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I’m using 5 inch depth fabric bags to grow in. I know yield will be small, but I only had 36 inches to grow. Smaller pot, smaller pot. Just grow and have fun doing it. The whole thing is the fun, from getting seeds to smoke.


Thanks for all of your replies. After going through it all, and heavily researching/reading the last couple days, I’m going to go with the Hempy method, SCROG style. 1 PLANT
I’m going to finish building out my grow tent. 2 X 2 X 4.6 ft. I have the exhaust fan/filter installed. Shouldn’t get too hot, since I’m using an LED, but make it easier to regulate temp. My 203CFM duct fan is more then capable of pulling in fresh air from the bottom vent as well for co2 and fresh cool air and filtering out the odors.
I’ll be using a 240W UV (Flowering) Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar LED Grow Light. It will work well through the vegetation stage as well. Will probably add a light in flowering stage to help max yield.

Just have to wire the tent, and dot some i’s, cross some t’s and it will be ready to grow. Gonna study up more on the hempy/scrog method, nutes, and certain problems I may encounter and learn how to solve them should they occur.

Then let er rip! I’m excited.