Potrebujem pomoc

can you help me identify the problem? it’s my first hydro.
Seeds Critical weight xxl

system DWC 30L!
light zeus 200W
PH 5.2-6.2 (mam hydro perfect)
EC 1.3 I use Canna Aqua distilled water
Light zeus 200W
heat day 24-28 C´ night 22 C
humidifier also with a controller for 50-70% humidity
CO2 -no
Ventilation in a good climate.
Boqu l75 water cooler- 18-19C

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Are you using any type of cal-mag @hydrofonyx

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I added CAL -MAG and the problem was solved a bit. but after cutting the plant, less colored leaves appeared. I read in the foreground that it was a lack of potassium. do you think so too?
@Myfriendis410 -Do you know how to advise me what he can advise me?[quote=“Gardenguy, post:3, topic:62832, full:true”]
Are you using any type of cal-mag @hydrofonyx

Plants are fine, dude: smoke a bowl lol and zen. Keep your airflow up, when you get a chance, get a shot of base of stem where it goes into hydroton? Also; what is the condition of roots? You are sharing a tote?

All of your environmentals look good and the nutrient solution looks to be in a good place. Do you know what the wattage draw of your light is, from the wall? Not what they say.

Thank you for encouragement. I’m sending photos. The roots are a little browner but they seem to me at first, the water temperature is still 18C and I also have an ozoner, but I turned it on twice for 30 seconds. for now, I don’t want to use it unnecessarily.
The light is 200W zeus from Lumatec. When they grow up, I have a 600W gift for them for Zeus Lumatec.

It bothers me a little that one plant grows slowly. before changing the nutrient solution it was the most beautiful and after pruning its growth stopped, and now faint green leaves appear on some leaves. I don’t know if it’s normal …

@Myfriendis410 @Gardenguy

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