Potentially silly question about hermies

So it’s been clearly determined I have a hermie plant. It’s got tons of female buds but a couple of those male sacs as well. What if… I go over the plant very carefully and pick off all male sacs. Could I still save the female side of it? Aside from the risk of missing a male bit, is there another reason this couldn’t work? I’m about 3 weeks away from harvest and once I found the Herm I put him outside away from my indoor girls.

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You can give it a shot. Just after handling the hermi, I would suggest sanitizing yourself before handling your female plants


I tried this . I failed lol. So many balls… more showed up every day and like you said even one pops and it’s seed city. If it’s your only plant I’d say go for it and just sanitize like crazy after the grow. If you have any other plants within a mile of the hermie just read it it’s last rights and burn it :rofl:

Side note: another thing to consider is being considerate of your fellow outside growers and not take the chance of contaminating their crops. :metal: