Potent but airy buds


Are we talking about @steve2 or @boomer lights?


@steve2 @dbrn32


It’s really more important to maintain your par levels than it is a certain number of Watts. The more efficient your leds are, the less watts you need, the better your yield compared to your power draw.

Wander over to @MattyBear’s journal. He’s absolutely crushing it with less than 30 Watts per square foot.


Just answered your question in my thread! @dbrn32 I’m only running at around 23w per square foot right now.


Hey Steve, sorry for the delay - yes please send me the info!


Umm, I don’t. Or should I say didn’t :slight_smile:


thanks, I will check it out!


airy buds also indicate more sativa genetics another indicator is light distance mixed with heat intensity/poor ventilation cause’s airy buds