Potassium vs Epsom salt

Plants need potassium during flowering, would Epsom salt added to water provide enough.

Epsome salt is magnesium sulfate so its a source of magnesium and sulfur not potassium.


Thanks , I can’t seem to find the proper notes for flowering, at least not local . Nutes

Cut up bananas will work, in a pinch.
Great source of potassium.

I like that idea, definitely gonna give it a try .

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It’ll break down faster if you put them through a blender.

Won’t that attract bugs though? Where are you located @meatman01

Insects are a problem everywhere

This is cheap and works it’s at every farm co-op just about i use it on my 500acer farm

AgSil 16H is a soluble form of potassium silicate providing the plant a 100% available source of silicon and potassium that are essential for optimum plant growth and health.


I appreciate the info.