Potassium Silicate vs Monosilicic Acid

Local grow store convinced me to try Power Si to replace my Armor Si. So I bought a 500ml bottle to try, because as a first time grower, I’ll try about any sparkly object. He’s a hydro guy that switched 2 runs ago, and said the density of the buds and strength of the stalks was impressive.

I will be mixing nutes tomorrow and including it in the mix. Tonight I mixed some up into a foliage spray (Something I haven’t done before, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

From my reading the difference between this stuff and Armor Si is that it’s already monosilicic acid that is more readily observed.

I didn’t see a discussion of the difference, so I figured I’d start one. Here’s an article discussing the difference.

I don’t have any previous grows as a baseline, so I’ll rely on input from the group whether it makes a difference.

Day 0:


It’s been a few weeks, so an update is in order. I’m transitioning my 4 main plants to flower, which have been on Power Si for 3 weeks and Power Si Bloom for a day. They also get a Power Si foliar spray every other day.

I think they look pretty good, and I’ve seen a difference in the node spacing.

I’d like any feedback, as I haven’t had previous grows for comparison, but there has been a significant increase in rigidity since using Power Si

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Do you think the power si is worth the extra money in comparison to the armor si.