Potassium overdose or ph lockout?

Hi, there have 4 plants in 1mx1m tent, 2 bruce banner by ilgm amnesia haze and a banana kush monster croped under 600 true watts led in a homemade soil compost blend in 10 litre pots they are in week 3 of flower under 12 hour all tested ph of 4-5 so have treated to raise ph but was still wondering if this is typical symptoms as it only seems to be 90% effecting the BB plants with the kush being extremely dark green no signs of probs and negligible symptoms on haze could it be an excess of potassium as i have switched to a flowering fertilizer PowerFeed fertilizer N9.5/ P1.6/ K7.5

The photo is out of focus, but it looks like a classic nitrogen deficiency or nitrogen mobilization being it’s in the flowering cycle.

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A pH of 4-5 is a huge, huge issue.

Also looks like light burn. What height is your light.


Also, how did you “treat” to raise the pH? What’s in your soil?

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I agree with @blackthumbbetty, ph that low is definitely big red flag.

Dolomite Lime and Humic acids are great ph buffers for acidic soils.

Hi there thanks all for input, Just to let you know not new to growing just the indoor, with lights and fancy strains not lack of nitrogen unless ph stops uptake, I do realize the ph is way low, treated with Eco-flo lime for acidic soils, I assume this is the prob but just curious as this is only effecting 2 out of the 4, I am guessing the bruce banner’s are more sensitive to ph changes, the leaves remind me of Zn or Mg deficiency I have seen in citrus but using commercial fertilizers fully balanced, as for light burn these are not the new growth which are symptom free and unburnt. very rich organic soil mix boosted with aged manures, compost, dolomite and rock minerals, This is why I considered the potassium excess other than some of the leaves showing these signs plants are healthy and flowering well and only developed this when changed to flowering regime, problem is that could be just same time soil became more acidic would a treat with foliar trace elements be beneficial.

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