Potassium issues? How to fix

I’m not exactly sure if this potassium but booking at charts it seems to be the issue, if I’m wrong please correct me
This plant is white widow auto she grew much faster than the other 3 that sprouted with her, some of the bottom leaves have turned brown not yellow died and fell off , she has even flowering for about 2 weeks others about a week, the problem child slowed down drastically, others are just as big now but feels more dense, if this is a potassium issue how would I correct it

One method is to make banana tea for it

If you search banana tea for plants you’ll find info on it

Have you been adding epsom salt? This will give you additional magnesium if you haven’t been adding any. That’s what it looks like.


I just started using banana tea

I read about Epsom salts but there seems to be different kinds of them, can use what we normal buy from a pharmacy?

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Good luck with it
I’d look into @Covertgrower suggestion too, I can recommend on your diagnosis however covert has a lot more experience than me and his diagnosis should be heeded

And yes regular old epsom salt from pharmacy or dollar general is fine

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Awesome , thanks everyone

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Just don’t get the lavender scented! Lol. Unscented!


Fully aware of that , I do use the all purpose in my Oscar tank , wasn’t sure if there was a specific kind for plants, thanks for the advice , once the electric sunrises I’ll give it a shot

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