Potassium? Cal mag defiency? Please help!

Honestly it looks like you caused a lock out due to 15ml of Cal-Mag. Yes you can use to much.

This is off my Cal-Mag nutrients. No where does it say to use 15ml.



@Beeken1992 so i just checked the fox farms version. U r definately 100% using too much. Although i thought it was hard to overdue calmag it be best to back off. I use the botanical vs that @MrPeat is showing you. Ive always only used a heavy half tsp per gallon or about 3ml and rarely have a problem. Only on water only days as well. Here is the updated fox farms schedule if you do not have it

Best of luck to you my friend.


I don’t need Cal-mag so I am lucky. Thanks for the updated chart as I hadn’t seen it yet. Now I have it saved. :+1::+1::+1:


Im using 15ml per 5 gallons. 3ml per gallon though.

You think it could be due to , to much potassium because of the chaching? Locking out the calcium?

Also i been thinking ive been mixing chaching after calmag. Wouldnt it be considered a base nutrient so mix before hand? I wounder if that could be a problem too.

And my biggest plant is doing fine so thats why im thinking they got over fed potassium

Hopefully your plants can be corrected. :+1::+1::+1:

The time I used Cal-mag when I shouldn’t have it caused the plants to take a downward spiral so bad I was forced to trash them as they could not recover. Looked worse than what you have.

Good luck.

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How do you know if you need cal mag or not? And why shouldnt you have?

It generally looks like this…

I have enough cal-mag in our tap water.

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@Beeken1992 , when lost chasing your tail? Flush, reset, refeed


Look up “Mulders Nutrient Antagonist Chart” - there you will see when you have too much of something the relationship of deficiency/toxicity/availability.

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Im pretty sure it was because of chaching in fox farm to much phosphate. Which was blocking out the calcium. Next time im gonna cut back on the chaching or everything all together.

What i do is i get some leafs from out side pour milk and some of whats inside a body amoram drink diuate witth water then had leaves for nitrogen and or you could just give two small caps of milk then add water soubule mag complex to the milk and dilute then give to plants right before a flush