Pot types and size?

So my first, second, and third grows were with 1.5 and 2.5 gallon plastic pots. Not sure if actual vs trade size. All grows were autos and the roots seemed decent and not root bound. Considering fabric pots for next time. Ideas on performance? Use same size or go bigger?

i use 5 gal fabric pots lets water drain out better.

Depends on a few things actually. Are you growing autos or photos do you have a small space or a big space are you growing bonsai style or are you growing full sized plants? Most on here growing with soil or coco use 3 gallons fabrics for autos and 5 gallon pots for photos

I see your growing autos 3 gallon fabrics will work just fine for you

So far all autos. going to try some photos later on.
First harvest netted 7.5oz for 15 plants in 2.6 m2. Seemed light to me. GDP were about 14", HK some were 12" and some were 26", WR were all around 26". GDP and WR were in 1.5g and HK was in 2.5 pots.

I chose 5 gallon fabrics because I read bottom watering is better for root development and for bigger autos you might get root lock around week 8-9 if they’re running extra long

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I would recommend 5 gallon fabric pots for Autos and 7 gallon for Photos. :+1:


The bigger the pot, the more nutrients that are available for your plant and the longer you can go without feeding it. Furthermore, what you feed it can be tailored to specific goals such as building buds, rather then the general feeding of the plant to keep it healthy.

You can make just about anything work. There is usually some trading how much you want to spend vs how much you want to do. Fabric pots are more flexible to use though, especially if you want smaller pots. Half a zip per plant is pretty low even for autos in small pots. What are you using for light,? Your tent is about 8’x8’ then correct?

Personally I have never felt like anything larger than 3 gallon fabric was needed for indoor growing. But if you plan on long veg could maybe justify a 5 gallon.

It’s a room. Have 3 2000w led (324w actual) in a row does 2 x 7 pots with 12" saucers. Times 2. 28sqft under lights. Could go 3 wide, but pots would be about 6" outside light on each side. Last grow had lights about 20-26" above.

Half a zip?

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One side has 7 1/2’ ceiling. Other side Just over 6’. I figure on high side could grow up to 4 1/2"ish. Would definitely do topping once or twice with photo.

Half an OZ.

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Didn’t read whole context. Yes, I thought it was low. Plants seemed healthy. Used what I thought was a good soil mix. Organic soil, mixed with Roots Organic and some Super soil Concentrate. Had Fungus Gnats which surprised me as I only watered every 3 days after soil was dry 1" deep. WR harvested about a couple days early. HK right on time and GDP about a week and a half late. I did LST on all of them. Had one or two buds about 2" long per plant. Most everything else was larf. They are potent. Just not much. Any ideas to improve?

Sorry, that is my old school slang I guess. Zip=ounce.

Its difficult to just count your canopy size for light per square feet when it’s not wrapped tightly in reflective material. You end up with light spilling off of canopy instead of being reflected back to plants. Your light density is calculated par per m² of area not necessarily plant canopy.

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Yeah not to hip about PAR as in how much I have. Room is insulated with rigid foil foam top to bottom and bottom half wrapped in reflective mylar/small bubble. Will get around to doing the rest of the walls. Specs on light say 768umol/m2/s at 24".

If this is accurate, I should be at 33.18 moles for 12 hr. 49.766 moles at 18 hr.