Pot size for ilgm strawberry kush


Whats the ideal pot size for indoor ilgm strawberry kush grow?


depending on your space 3 or 5 gallon pots are popular. I new to this so that is my guess. I will be using 3 gallon fabric pots because of my space not so much because of the strain.


Guess to elaborate space isnt a concern in any way. I have 5gal fabric pot, just wondern if a lil bigger would be benificial given that space dosent matter…appreciate any input


From everything I’ve read it seems the bigger the container, the better. Most people have space issues, but there is certainly no limit to the size pot you can choose. That said, I wouldn’t go too nuts with 100 gallons.

If I had no space issues I would probably choose ten gallon pots. :slight_smile:


The bigger the pot , the bigger the yield.


If space is not an issue. I would go with 5 gal smart pots. Bush the plants out to help maximize yield


While all of you guys are correct… the bigger the pot the bigger the yield… unfortunately that means the longer the veg time and you also have to have a bunch of mycorrhizae and good things in your pots to really use up all that space … I’ve used 5 gallons befor and once I was done with the grow I looked at the roots and didn’t use up all the space… so I think 3 and 5 gallons is probably as big as you want to go for an indoor grow …anything bigger I think it’s just a waste unless you’re going to veg for 5 months and grow some massive trees…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



I have settled in with the 4 gallon heavy plastic planters from lowes and my roots have plenty of room . I have a 7 gallon smart pot but don’t think I will be using it next grow . It will be a waste of supplies for my purpose


Thanks all. Ima go with the 5gal i have. Bushem out and makem lovely…lol. 2 ilgm strawberry kush, 600watt hps, fox farm OF soil. FF trio.


You should love your results with that combo . Don’t start usig the trio right away. I use fox farms ocean forest and trio and the soil has plenty ( almost to much ) nutrients already. If I was you I would just figure out what ph I was going to use and water only till at least half way through veg then start easy quarter to half of the recommended dose of the feeding schedule. Good luck you got the right stuff .