Pot size for 4x4tent

Is a 3gal pot big enough for a 4x4 tent, I want to grow auto and they don’t get very tall and I could grow 6 instead of 4 like I am now with 5gal pot

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Welcome back to answer your question 3 gallon is big enough pot to grow autos . Personally I think you can get about the same amount of yield with four plants with a little training. As to having six plants with a tight fit. Just my thoughts good luck happy growing.

yes you could. however, photo’s only take 4 to 6 weeks longer to finish and will produce 4x the yield. “my friend” also has a 4x4x72 tent and easily fits 6 five gallon buckets.
He grows White Widow from here, and, the plants get to be around 36" tall max and with a little LST…he gets 3x as many buds…compared to non-LST plants.
Neat to see 8 to 12 colas instead of just one…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: