Pot size and will it just restrict growth or hurt the plant

Hey everyone my plants are back on track and doing great I have a question on pot size more so just looking for info I’m using fabric pots and I’m wondering if I leave the plants in 5 gallon fabric pots will it just stunt the growth or will it hurt the plants I’m
Not wanting them to get huge I have many many main colas so I’m keeping them low so will it hurt them keeping them in 5 gallon fabric pots till end of flower

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Five gallon pots are fine till the end. I keep my auto’s in 3 gallon and my photo’s in five gallon.

Your girls are looking great. Keep up the good work.

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awesome thank you

I’ve used 5 gallon fabric pots for three grows - two waves of white widow autos and a LA confidential fem grow. I also used a ten gallon with one of the LACs. I had fine harvests in both sizes. I have three gold leaf fems ongoing right now, two in tens and one in five. The size difference is evident, the tens are much fuller and taller.

I don’t think you would hurt the plant, but if you had a really long veg cycle I do think a strong growing plant will tire of the 5 gallon. I put my two gold leafs from five to ten because they seemed to take over the 5 gallon in no time and I felt it was slowing growth. It may be the strain, it was stronger growing than my Maui Wowies, also now in ten gallons, but those didn’t seem to take over the whole pot with vigor like the GLs did.

good luck!


Sweet thanks for the info

I use 10 gallon pots…more room for more roots!!


Yea my next round I will be using larger just trying to avoid transplants a month befor flower

You should be good. I xplanted a month before I flipped em and all is well 3 weeks in. It might slow growth a bit but I’d say put em in bigger pots. They’ll get bigger and you wont have to water as often!