Pot size and water type

since everybody was so helpful let me ask another question,i am growing 1 plant at a time in a app 3gal pot im using fish water when i clean my aquarim is that good water with enough nutrients for a good grow the plant is only about 25/30 tall and 16/18 in wide but sure looks good and suoer resinie thanks again for youalls help

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Are you ph adjusting the water?

dont know am getting a ph tester also i forgot to say i start my plants in those bidegradable small paper type pots and leave them in there when i transplant them is that ok or not will it stunt the growrh thanks again

Peat pots are not great. They don’t degrade soon enough for the roots to penetrate them so on future grows, I would avoid them

If they are that thin paper kind I think you’re good

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That water is really good to be feeding your plants 🪴. Just check the ph and it will work great for the girl. Happy growing :man_dancing:

I suspect it’s at least a good starting point. Your plant will let you know if she’s unhappy with what you’re feeding her. I’d absolutely check PH and your TDS/ppm just to be sure she’s getting enough and at the right acidity for her to be able to make the most use of it - but if she looks good then more than likely it’s :ok_hand: